Gaming & Cannabis! What more can we say? We look to help inform and educate people on the benefits of cannabis, all while relaxing, or stressing, over a video game.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to see us speak on, in regards to the gaming or cannabis culture even sports, shoot us an email at


We aim to help educate people on the benefits of cannabis. We will be posting at least one strain and game review video a week. Moreover, we will also have short reviews on vapes, strains, games, etc. Furthermore, we hope to post a Strain of The Week video each Wednesday! (Weed Wednesday?!


We will bring you commentary on the state of Gaming & Cannabis? Try this game or that? Likewise, maybe this strain or that edible? As well as how gaming and/or cannabis fit into our daily lives? Of course our blogs, videos and more answer these questions!

Furthermore we hope to offer fresh insight into some of the hottest topics for today's gamers and cannabis enthusiasts.



We hope to bring together a community of gamers and cannabis users. However, you don't need to be both to game with us.

Additionally if you want to be a guest and share a story, spread a message. Check out our Discord or Twitter and join in!

We Look forward to hanging out and growing a great community of like-minded people! What's that for us? Easy, you like to game and have a great time? Smoke Cannabis? Don't Smoke Cannabis? All the same! Be sure to join our discord and come hang out!

Did we mention we plan to do some Gaming & Cannabis community game nights?



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